Yoga in your workplace


Did you know that back pain is among the top causes of time off work in the UK? Literally tens of millions of lost work days every year. Increasingly sedentary lifestyles and long hours spent in front of technology are wreaking havok with our spines! Add to that the mental stresses and pressures of the corporate environment and it's no wonder that many employees are functioning under their optimal level, and feeling burnt-out.


Attending a regular yoga class can start to unwind some of these tight and aching muscles and joints, and encourage healthier posture as mobility and flexibility are increased.  In addition to many physical and physiological benefits mentioned elsewhere on this site, yoga can also help boost energy and concentration levels, improving efficiency and performance.  Providing a regular yoga class for your employees will also build team morale and help your staff to feel valued and appreciated at work.


How about showing your staff how much you love them by hosting a regular yoga class at work? 45 or 60 minute sessions can be arranged early morning, lunch time or early evening. If you've got a meeting room or similar space and some willing bodies why not give it a try! Mats and props provided (up to 10 people) at your office, or we can arrange studio hire in central Guildford for an additional fee.

45 minute class - £80.00 . 60 minute class - £100.00 (additional small charge may apply depending on location). Discounts available for block bookings of 10 sessions or more.


Please get in touch to discuss your needs or to book an initial session.    

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