So I think by now we've established that I think yoga is pretty awesome, but don't just take my word for it! Here are a few testimonials from some of my regular clients to entice you into trying your first class..



"Lucy has been my yoga instructor for just over a year now. She is a patient and inspirational teacher. She responds to the vibe of the class, whether we need pushing down an energetic route, or working round our aches and pains. Whatever the pace Lucy always make practise enjoyable and challenging."  Ian, Guildford



"Lucy is a great yoga teacher. She understands the limitations and aspirations of those that attend her classes and works to support everyone in their practice.  Lucy will challenge you in class and encourage you to work towards better flexibilty and stamina. When you can't hold a pose, there is no issue or competitive edge with others in classs - there is a team spirit willing others to do well.  I love Lucy's classes, they are tough, challenging and taught with humour and compassion." Nina, Guildford


"I started yoga as a complete novice in June 2015 and have become a weekly regular as a result of Lucy's clear and empathetic tuition. Her approach is flexible (no pun intended) and fun, suitable for everyone from absolute beginner to expert. Highly recommended."  Roy, Guildford


"I thoroughly enjoy yoga with Lucy. She is a great teacher - kind considerate and patient and the class is friendly and fun." Briony, Guildford



"Yoga with Lucy is a wonderful escape from the stresses and strains of normal everyday life.  As well as a great physical experience, it is also excellent for clearing the mind and relieving emotional tension.  Lucy is a particularly friendly, caring and empathetic individual.  She is both inspriational and intuitive, as well as being very down to earth and approachable.  Each yoga session is different and varied, and is suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities.  Lucy is particularly conscious of each individuals needs, and is able to intensify or simplify poses according to ability or injury etc.  Lucy's classes are all-encompassing and improve phsyical strength, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and core stability, but at the same time also encourage mindfulness and relaxation.  Highly recommended to everyone and anyone!"  Rachelle, Blackwater



"One of Lucy's many strengths as a yoga teacher is being able to differentiate and modify the poses to suit each person's individual needs. Her classes are therefore suitable for people who are new to yoga and for more experienced yogis." Alison, Guildford.



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